Indiana Dunes National Park – Guide

I was not expecting to love this park so much. Before this – the only thing I knew about Indiana was that it always has a lot of potholes (sorry people of Indiana). I’ve driven through Indiana many times and never knew the beauty and serenity that was just a few hours north along the water of Lake Michigan.  Indiana […]

New River Gorge National Park – Guide

I spent Labor Day weekend hiking and sightseeing through New River Gorge National Park in West Virginia. It’s been a goal of mine to visit all of the National Parks across the United States, so each time I’m lucky enough to visit one, I’ll be making a guide for the park. If you’re interested in visiting this park, this guide […]

9 Sustainable Underwear Brands

Underwear is one of the few things I won’t buy second-hand. I think it’s important to note that when I post articles about brands that I support, I’m not saying I shop from them often or saying that you should. Purchasing anything new is bad for the environment, but there are many times when second-hand is not an option or […]

Sustainable Toilet Paper, Bidets, & Reusables

I’ve never met a person who doesn’t buy toilet paper. Have you? Toilet paper is kind of an essential in today’s world, and although I have many thoughts about the toilet paper industry, most Americans will continue to live a life that requires them to buy TP. So, when you’re buying into an industry that’s killing the environment, how can […]

Sustainable Gift Giving Guide

Everyone on a low waste journey is surrounded by people who aren’t on that same path. My friends and family recycle and have reusable water bottles but other than that they don’t think much about sustainability. There are always exceptions and I definitely try to inspire the people around me to be sustainable, but everyone is living their own truth, […]

9 Sustainable Sandal Brands for Spring & Summer

I’m notorious for buying cheaply made sandals from Target when the weather gets warm. The sandals I buy never last long, so I buy new ones almost every year. There are SO MANY things wrong with fast fashion so I’ve decided I’m done with fast fashion if I can find affordable alternatives. In preparation for warmer weather, I have compiled […]

Zero Waste Shaving

Shaving is an inevitable for most. Whether it’s armpits, legs, beard, or head, most people in the United States are shaving at some point in their lifetime. With the spread of western ideals, for better or worse, shaving is expected to increase globally over the next 10+ years. The most common, accessible way to shave is by using a disposable […]

Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent

Making your own laundry detergent will help the environment, your health, and it will save you loads of money (pun intended). Anything you put on your skin absorbs directly into your bloodstream. Think of all the chemical-based laundry detergent on your clothing, blankets, pillows, towels, and more. We use harmful chemicals in just about everything, including the food we eat, […]